Basement Flooding In Chicago

Basement Flooding In Chicago has run a muck in the last couple of days.

Basement flooding in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs has been horrific and our phones are ringing off the hooks for assistants. The problem is there are more people with flooded basements then there are of us to assist you.  We will help the best way we can. If your insurance company don’t offer no assistants, the Governor of Illinois issues a State Of Emergency. What this means to you is there may be water damage financial assistants there for you. Check the web for storm water damage assistants in Illinois.  The dates to correspond with April 17th and 18th.

However we do have heating technicians available to fix your furnace, boiler or hot water tank if needed.
Basement flooding in Chicago can be avoided if the city would open their flood gates a bit sooner.  But they have their reasoning why they don’t open the flood gates sooner.

Basement flooding in Chicago and your heating system doesn’t fit well together.  Today we serviced about ten customers with 3 feet of water and more in their basements.  Fortunately for these ten customers we were able to get their furnace and boilers as well as their hot water tanks back in operation. And the fees according to them were reasonable.

Some furnace and boilers that have been submerged in water and sewage can’t be repaired or better yet not worth the cost of the repair, verses the age of the furnace or boiler.  Sometimes trying to save a submerged furnace or a submerged boiler is not worth the time.

What you should ask yourself is; is the repair cost worth the age and condition of my furnace or boiler? Same goes for the hot water tank, is the hot water tank worth the effort to dry out and repair?

Many heating contractors will tell you that you need a new furnace, boiler and hot water tank.  In theory that’s true, but your furnace, boiler and hot water tank may be salvageable. The main things about heating systems of any type when submerged in water; is getting the water out of the burners, pilot assembles and blower compartments. Gas valves almost always should be replaced.

There is a danger when water gets into the gas valve and most smart heating guys will replace the gas valve.  If you have a flooded basement in Chicago and need assistants, we’re only a phone call away. 312-243-9896. Thanks Big Ed

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