Basement flooding and furnace problems Chicago

These rain storms of late and the flooding of basements has really put a damper on the summer festivities. At Around The Town Heating and Cooling, we know this and are here for you and the restoration of your furnaces or boilers.  We will diligently work with your insurance company to get you up and running with little or no hassles. Sump pump issues can be resolved as well through us.

Some people have spoken about the lack of the cities’ and municipalities’ responsibility in opening the flood tunnels quick enough.  We have heard many complaints of this. In defense of the cities and the municipalities, they have to follow the lead of Chicago’s water reclamation department. Now, if the powers to be are waiting to long to open the deep tunnels, shame on them.  However, they are engineers, and they should know best.

Around The Town has great deals on repairs and new installations of furnaces and boilers in the flood ravished communities.  Our labor rates converted to flat rate pricing, and we have smoking deals on new boilers and new furnaces. If you are in need of any services relating to the storms of late or just need service period, please feel free to call Around The Town Heating and Cooling today.  We will help any way possible.