Annual Chicago Furnace Maintenance, Cleaning, & Inspection


Chicago Annual Furnace Maintenance, Cleaning, & Inspection

Annual maintenance of a gas furnace is important to the furnace’s performance and your comfort and safety. The following items will be checked by your technician during your annual inspection of a gas furnace. During the inspection, power to the unit must be shut off for the safety of the technician.

  1. Fresh air grilles and louvers must be open and unobstructed to provide  combustion air.
  2. Burners should be inspected for rust, dirt and signs of water.
  3. The vent pipe must be inspected for rust or sagging, dirt, signs of water, and damage or disconnected joints.
  4. The unit should be inspected for dirt, signs of water, and burned or damaged wires or components.
  5. The blower access door should be in place and provide a seal between  the return air and the room  in which the furnace is installed.
  6. The return  air duct must be properly attached and provide an air seal to the unit.
  7. With the system running the operating performance of the unit and vent system should be checked.
  8. Flue products mush be analyzed  and compared to the unit’s specifications.

Upon completion of the annual furnace inspection, you should shut off the unit if any of the following is noted.

  1. New or unfamiliar sounds while the unit is operating.
  2. Unusual odors.
  3. Unusual amount of moisture in the heated space.
  4. visibly burned components or unusual dirt or rust accumulation in the vent pipe or unit.
  5. Flu-like symptoms that subside when the home’s inhabitants are away from the house (indicating exposure to carbon monoxide).

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