air conditioning systems and dirt/furnace filters

air conditioning systems and dirt

 June 21THst starts summer, although by some accounts summer hit early and now is stabilizing off little, that’s yet to be seen but only a few days will tell the tale of woe.

Air conditioning is important to some and not others; however it’s a nice appliance to have functioning properly when the time comes where you have to use it. One of the key elements for a/c’s is a clean furnace or air handler filter, the other important element for an air conditioner is the condenser coil, have you looked at your condenser coil of late? (Your condenser coil is the outdoor unit) We do daily and we see what a dirty condenser coil and dirty air filter does to a compressor of your air conditioning system.

We recently installed a central air conditioning system change out on a fairly new condenser unit due to both items mentioned above. 1 the furnace filters were clogged so bad no air flow could pass through, 2 the condenser coil fins were so clogged it looked like a carpet was installed around the condenser, and of course the catastrophic effects on this 6 year old unit was a replacement. The owner of this very expensive condo had no clue when asked, when was the last time you changed the filter? I believe he was unaware that there were filters, and that they needed changing and of course after a $2585.00 bill and the fact we made changing his filters much more accommodating he and his wife will pay more attention to the important of their furnace filter and the important of hvac maintenance.

Remember that air flow for air conditioning and furnaces are very important and having pm’s performed on your systems is a must if you don’t want to pay those high repair cost. Call Around The Town Heating and Cooling today to schedule a service for your hvac system. 312-243-9896

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