Is your HVAC Contractor A Comfort Cooling Specialist?

What is air conditioning? Air conditioning is defined as a mechanical process for controlling the humidity and temperature.  Basically,  it is both a humidity and moisture removal tool for conditioning air.

It may be hard to believe, but air conditioning is not a new concept of the twenty first century.  The Romans used aqua ducts to cool their buildings by running cold water through the outside walls and roofs of the structures.

In the HVAC industry, contractors often refer to themselves as heating and air conditioning contractors or heating and cooling contractors. The differences between them and Around The Town Heating and Cooling is that we refer to ourselves as a comfort cooling and comfort heating contractor.  The reason for this is that we provide cooling for your comfort.  Around The Town Comfort Heating and Comfort Cooling, specializes in the comfort levels of people and we do that well.

If your air conditioning isn’t working well enough for your comfort this year, please call us to help!

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