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Chicago Air Conditioning Repair Specialists, Around The Town Heating & Cooling are available for service and installations throughout the Chicago area.

Around The Town Heating and Cooling will provide fast and easy air conditioning repair service for anyone in the Chicago area in need of central AC repair services. Our highly-trained contractors are licensed, experienced and certified technicians who will give you the best central air conditioning diagnostic services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Chicago Cooling Repairs

We believe in integrity and provide you with contractors that bring a positive attitude to your home or business every day to make your experience trouble-free and enjoyable. From the professionalism of our sales staff to the craftsmanship of our field personnel, we are dedicated to delivering you the best central air conditioning service and repairs possible.

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Air Conditioning Repair and Cooling Service in Chicago & Suburbs

Around the Town Heating & Cooling Inc. is Chicago’s top heating and HVAC contractor. We guarantee the best residential and commercial heating and air conditioning repair in and around Chicago, IL.

We provide same or next day repair on all makes and models of central air conditioning systems. In addition, we will also match or beat prices by anyone else in the Chicago area.  At Around the Town HVAC, we provide great customer service, professional HVAC repairs, new HVAC system installations and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.


Chicago air conditioning repair service and  your residential A/C repair terms. Things you should know concerning your residential air conditioning, learn the terminology it might come in handy.

Chicago air conditioning repair and the air conditioning terminology you may need to know as a consumer such as; Refrigerant R-22 (which soon will be discontinued, Refrigerant 410A – the new approved ozone friendly refrigerant. Seer is an energy word, ‘seasonal energy efficiency ratio’ meaning the efficiencies or air conditioners, the higher the seer the more efficient the air conditioning is.

Condenser or condensing unit, that’s the name for the outside unit. This picture shows a cutaway view of an air conditioning and the components that make up the central air conditioning system (outdoor).

In this cutaway view (left) you see the big black compressor with the copper lines running to it. The compressor is the main component of the a/c system. With out the air conditioning compressor no cooling can be produced.  In the picture, on the top part of the condenser depicts a condenser fan motor which expels the heat that is taken from your home and delivers it outside. Chicago air conditioning repair and residential cooling is not that difficult if you understand the basics.  Other key components that must function properly in your residential air conditioner are the capacitors for the compressor and the condenser fan motor, capacitor’s are basically a electrical energy storage device.

The next important component of your condenser is the contactor. The contactor is the device that acts as the brain of the outdoor unit. When the indoor Thermostat calls for cooling, a 24-volt signal is sent, and the contactor pulls in and makes contacts that send the 240-volt power through the capacitors to the compressor and condenser fan motor simultaneously. This is what allows your comfort cooling to begin.  The next important item is the condenser coils. In the picture you see part of the coils cutaway,  the coils will typically be on the sides of the condenser. Cleanliness of these coils is very important.  It is imperative that your condenser , a/c or air conditioning unit be very clean and free of debris, cottonwood and any other lints or dirt.  Spring is here and the air conditioning companies are out to get your business so be informed and don`t forget to have Around The Town Heating & Cooling™ out to clean and check your a/c or tune it up!

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For any service need and any brand of air conditioner, Around the Town Heating & Cooling is proud to provide you with the most reliable, professional and budget minded service in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

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