Air Conditioning Repair Services Buck Town

Buck Town air conditioning repair services will soon be needed if you can believe it.  The winter was short this year, so air conditioning season will soon be approaching with these wonderful temperatures we keep having.  There are many  services you may need for this air conditioning season: Refrigerant recharges, Refrigerant leak detection, Refrigerant leak repair, mechanical repairs (such as a new contactor or a new condenser fan motor), and evaporator coil repairs.  Speaking of evaporator coils, when was the last time you had it cleaned?

Your evaporator coil is the component above your furnace that the copper piping from the roof to the furnace is connected to and has a most important role in providing you cool clean air during the air conditioning cycle. This picture depicts a dirty evaporator coil that is above your furnace, all air blows through this coil during heating and air conditioning usages. This picture was taken from a phone from our installers after old furnace was removed:

In many high rise condos and apartments in Buck Town, air conditioning use starts earlier because of the heat gain from the sun and the heat gained into your structure from the hallways and elevators and so on.

At the end of the air conditioning season last year, were you experiencing air conditioning problems? If so, what a better way to get a jump on new central air conditioning systems early on. We have many sales on Trane central air conditioning systems or have air conditioning repair services in Buck Town. Our pre-season servicing is priced for your call!

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