Air Conditioning Repair, Loop, South Loop, West Loop Chicago

Air Conditioning Repair, Loop, South Loop, West Loop Chicago

High rise condo’s and apartments with their own furnace and air conditioning systems has its ups and downs when it comes to repairing or replacing them.

Down side of air conditioning repair, loop, south loop and west loop Chicago is parking; our trucks are bigger than a car and we need the size for our entire furnace parts, air conditioning parts and tools and Refrigerant etcetera.

The other down side of repairing air conditioning systems is the time on the elevators as well as locating the air conditioning system on the roof, we here at Around The Town Heating and Cooling have locating the air conditioners down to a science. However it’s time consuming and the service repair cost is usually a bit higher then a single family home air conditioning repair cost. Call 312-243-9896

The other downside of high rise air conditioning repair work is accessing the roof, when air conditioning systems break down it happens usually at the most inconvenient time and accessing the roof can be a challenge. That’s why when you call us when you live in a high rise the majority of time our phone staff will ask if you’re in a high rise or single family home. If you’re in a high rise we will ask you to make sure the roof is accessible. For us these are the down sides. For you the down sides are cost related to the above. Call 312-243-9896

The upside of repairing air conditioning systems in high rises are; The people are interesting to say the least, the views on the roof while making the air conditioning repairs are awesome, and the conversations with the customers are challenging in a good way of course. Call 312-243-9896

If you’re in need of a high rise qualified furnace or air conditioning repair contractor look no further than Chicago heating and cooling company of Around The Town Heating and cooling today.

At your service day or night we do the job and do it right! Call 312-243-9896

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