air conditioning repair contractors chicago

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air conditioning repair contractors chicago

How can work be measured? Do you measure it by the quality, by the quantity? What do you measure work by? How much your pay check is? How hard is the job? Work is a means of helping the civilization, benefiting everybody.

When a person does work it is for a benefit, no matter what it is. When one hundred construction workers build a road, it benefits that society, for the travelers, for the construction workers, for the overseers or contractors, and for the lawyers who have to create the contracts. Basically, work helps and benefits a society.

Heating and air conditioning companies benefit society. They help the customer install, improve, or fix the problem with their heating or cooling system. These companies benefit from the customer because they receive monetary payments for services rendered.

Work benefits the society! This action of doing work implies an exchange between two, sometimes three parties, in which these parties “give and get.” For example, a service technician from a heating and air conditioning company repairs or installs a new air conditioning system, the exchange between the company and the customer will be money for services.

This exchange breeds another exchange and another-which always keeps perpetuating. These exchanges make the economy flow at a nice, intermittent pace-especially in a capitalistic economy such as the United States of America. So these companies that ask for money for their services are not the bad guys or some type of evil conspiracy against the customer; moreover, they are just continuing the flow of the economy.

So, next time a service technician tells you the price, try not to fight. They are just continuing the cycle for the sake of the economy.

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