air conditioning repair contractor

air conditioning repair contractor

Air conditioning contractor
Spring 2011 is near and the selector switch on your thermostat soon is going from the heat position to cool position.
Air conditioning systems for high rise and condo tenants will be coming on very soon.

Is your a/c system ready
? Have you had problems with your air conditioning system at the end of the air conditioning system last year 2010?

If so, have you given any thought about having your air conditioning system repaired? And which air conditioning contractor are you going to call?

Around the Town Heating and Cooling  is the right company to call and you will see why soon! Is this garage ran company as you have said in your past writings such a threat to you, that you don’t have nothing better to do then to read my blog rolls? Get a life…. Were at your service day or night, we do the job and do it right!  I’m ready!
We specialize in performing a/c repairs and installations in downtown Chicago high-rises as well as high-rise condominiums. Our service technicians and installers know their way around the high rise buildings.

Is your air conditioning system costing you an arm and a leg to operate and you can’t afford a new a/c this year? No problem we have a solution that will lower your energy bills by as much as 30%.
Wouldn’t you like to have your old air conditioning system perform like it was just installed yesterday?
We can achieve that for you for a reasonable price and it’s no miracle it’s just a simple product installed into your older system and it will revitalize your compressor and increase the efficiencies by 30% or more.
Last year more than 300 customers had us install this product in their air conditioning system and this past winter while performing furnace tune ups, we asked our customers about how their air conditioning system ran through those hot and dreary days last summer?
They all said their air conditioners work well and their electric bills did in fact decrease and were more than pleased with the product.

If you’re in need of a honest to goodness air conditioner contractor and aren’t afraid of us small mom and pop shops feel free to call Around The Town Heating and Cooling today to schedule an appointment for service by dialing 312-243-9896 or 708-560-5410. Thanks
Big Ed

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