Air Conditioning Repair Contractor Wicker Park

Air Conditioning Repair Contractor Wicker ParkLooking for an experienced Air conditioning repair contractor in Wicker Park, Chicago? Around the Town Heating and Cooling offers fast friendly air conditioning repair services throughout the Chicago area including Wicker Park.

If your central air conditioning system is struggling in Wicker Park (60612, 60622, 60642, 60647) have no fear Big Ed and crew is here.
We receive many calls are due to dirty furnace filter complaints, make sure your furnace filter is clean before you call us.
We have seen a big rise in Refrigerant leaks, many times Refrigerant leaks occur after 8 or nine years in condenser coils and evaporator coils due to friction, when the air conditioning system is running the system creates vibrations and causing metal on copper rubbing, when this occurs metal will wear through the copper fittings inside the evaporator coil and the condenser coil, which is the outside unit located on the roof or back yard.

Another cause for Refrigerant to leak in older central air conditioning systems are; Pressure relief valves that were used in Chicago on all central air conditioning systems. Some genius came up with this idea about pressure relief valves on central air conditioning that if the building or homes caught fire the pressure of the Refrigerant would relieve on the roof or where ever your central air conditioning system was located and you would not be killed by the noxious gases venting in the fire however if the fire was that intense and built that kind of pressure in the refrigeration piping the odds are you were already doomed. Morbid I know, but true!

Can these leaks be repaired? Yes in most cases if the leaks can be found the leaks can be repaired. The pressure relief valves can be cut out and repaired as well.

Is it expensive? In some cases leak detection can be very expensive however there are other alternatives than tracing down a leak and spending a lot of money on the leak detection, call us for more information at 312-243-9896. Thanks Big Ed

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