air conditioning repair chicago/prices

air conditioning repair chicago/prices

Customers call for air conditioning repair services and the first question they ask is how much for service?
Some customers read the word free estimate on our website or on our print advertising and think that we atAround The Town Heating and Air conditioning can a send a service technician to their home or business for free and give them an estimate for a repair.

That would be a nice gesture if fuel wasn’t topping $4+ dollars a gallon and it would be a nice gesture if we did not have to pay our service technicians their wage along with insurance and workmen’s comp.

Common sense should tell the majority of consumers that there is service fees associated with having a service provider come to your home or business to provide you with service such as comfort heating or comfort cooling. Here’s an example below.

When you need automobile service and you take your car to the shop, they have a fee as well to inspect and see what’s happening with your automobile. Many times dealers will include the inspection with the repair cost. If you don’t make the repair, there will be a fee and you do not get your car back until you pay that fee.

In the hvac industry we bring the comfort cooling or comfort heating to you. Pricing for each company is different; Flat rate pricing is becoming a trend where the service call, the parts and labor are all included.

Then you have your separated pricing where you have your service call fee, your parts and your labor fee separated.

With our company there is a fee of $85.00 to come and diagnose your problem which gives you about 15 minutes or so of troubleshooting, after we figure out your problem we will give you the cost of repair(S) before we perform the repair, this way you pay $85.00 for a qualified diagnostic if you choose not to use our service, that’s all you pay and you can shop the repair.

We feel this is a fair deal, we don’t lose and you don’t lose because you are given a correct diagnostic for $85.00.
Before you make your call to Around The Town Air conditioning services make sure you check out these items first.
Make sure your furnace filter is clean, make sure your double 30 or 40 amp breaker is on, not tripped. Make sure your switch by the side of your furnace is on and make sure your thermostat is set below room temperature.

Thanks for your patronage.
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