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Air Conditioning Repair in Chicago

The very best service we can provide to you is reliable, reasonably priced and outstanding performance from your heating and air conditioning.

Our goals my not be the same as your the consumer, however our goal is to insure your air conditioning repair in Chicago is done correctly the first time and we never make you pay twice.

We have home owners that call us and state that the last HVAC company that came to their home had to come back a couple of times to fix the air conditioning system and they were  charged both times and after both repairs the a/c did not work that well last a/c season.  So they asked us if we can we fix it? and guaranty the repair?  Of course was our reply.

Over the phone, after a little information retrieval from the home owner our service manager diagnosed the cause as a dirty evaporator coil and when we sent our service technician to the home owners house, low and behold that was the problem, now the homeowners central air conditioning system is working properly and now this homeowner, became our customer.

Sometimes service technicians will miss diagnose a service problem and assume the unit needs Refrigerant and adds too much, after our service man completed the cleaning of the evaporator coil, he found the a/c system over charged by 2 pounds of Refrigerant R-22 HCFC refrigerant.  Like any business, heating and air conditioning can be challenging at times, if it wasn’t,  you wouldn’t need us.

The bottom line is this,  when you call for service for your furnace or air conditioning system ask the companies if they guarantee their work, and ask if their technicians are certified, always ask what the service charge and the hourly rate is upfront.  It is a good habit to watch what the service technicians are doing and never worry about making the technician uncomfortable, a good technician will invite you to accompany him while he is performing his diagnosis and the repair.

Around the Town HVAC is giving you a reminder to have your central air conditioning system tuned up for the fall, and remember we are here to provide you with warm winters and cool summers. Call Today!  Thanks Big Ed

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