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Air conditioning repair Chicago. Soon the snow will melt, the sun will stay out longer and the temps will rise. A good sign that air conditioning season is just around the corner.
Due to the long harsh winter, central air conditioning system will need to be serviced upon start up. With the dirty snow that lays on top of and around your central air conditioning system this causes a problem, when the snow melts that dirt from the snow is left on your central air conditioner and the coils.

air conditioning repair chicago
This central air conditioner will have plenty of dirt on it when the snow melts

Another problem with the long harsh winters is the furnace filter, it has been proven that 80% of our service calls this winter was dirty filter related.

If your furnace filter was dirty often, then the odds of a dirty or clogged air conditioning evaporator coil are greater. If the furnace filter didn’t catch the dirt, you can bet your ass that the evaporator coil did. Why is this a problem? Air flow, if the blower motor can’t push air through the evaporator coil because of dirt build up, then your central air conditioning system will not work correctly.

What does this do to your central air conditioning system? Your air conditioning system will frost up or completely ice up causing leaking(ruining your furnace components and leaking to the floor below) and no cooling in your home, on the technical side you will have low suction pressure which can cause refrigerant flood back to the compressor causing irreversible damage, compressors are meant to compress vapor not liquid refrigerant. And if you have air flow at the coil, it will be extremely low air temp, which in this case is bad.

Having your air conditioning maintained as soon as the weather hits 65 degrees is a good suggestion.
Chicago air conditioning repair is always looking out for your best interest as far as your heating and cooling needs. Reciprocate this by calling to schedule your air conditioning maintenance today. 312-243-9896

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