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Chicago Air Conditioning RepairAir conditioning Repair in Chicago Buck Town has its ups and downs for many consumers as well as air conditioning repair companies.

Air conditioning repair in Chicago in the neighborhood of Buck Town has many upsides such as; the residents of Chicago buck town are very pleasant to work for. The down side of performing air conditioning repair in buck town is parking, flights of stairs and lack of water spigots on the roofs to service the air conditioning systems.

Why water you may ask? We offer 2 types of air conditioning repair; first type of air conditioning repair is that your air conditioning system is broke and needs rescuing. The second type of air conditioning repair is maintenance service, i.e. a/c tune up , a/c clean and check or an air conditioning maintenance check if you will.

However for Around the Town Heating and Air conditioning those downsides don’t stress our crew. We have been servicing air conditioning systems in Buck Town Chicago for many years and we are used to the little idiosyncrasies. For example when we need to clean roof top air conditioning systems and no water is available we use the next best thing, compressed air. And compressed air pushes 300 plus pounds of air if needed.

A water hose pushes maybe 40 psi. So what would clean the outdoor unit coil or the condenser, better? $40 pounds of water with a condenser coil cleaner or 300 pounds of compressed air? Compressed air. However we never push 300 pounds of air at the fins of the coil. However the air blows out all the dust, dirt and debris stuck in the fins of the condenser coil.

Air conditioning repair in buck town should be performed by skilled technicians. An un-knowledgeable air conditioning repair person may in fact cause more damage than good.
If you’re in the market for a qualified air conditioning repair company you just found us. Call 312-243-9896.

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