Air conditioning Problems in Chicago

Air conditioning Problems in Chicago has become more of an issue now than in the past. Let me explain why.

Air conditioning Problems is like anything else we purchase today, it’s not meant to last. Take appliances for example, how often have you purchased new appliances due to the high cost of repairs?
Probably more than you would like to admit.

Let me go a little off the topic. Here is another good example, cells phones; it has been proven that the average life of a cell phone is about the life of the locked in contract.
Does the cell phone manufacture’s build them to last just enough to make it to the contract date? Now you also have to look at wear and tear. Many people put their cell phone in the back pocket of their jeans, how often do you sit down? Many times a day, Where is the cell phone? Oops ,You drop the phone, OK its fine this time but has it loosened up the circuitry?

There are many other scenarios about cell phones such as moisture; I’m in many people’s homes performing heating and air conditioning services for them and what do I frequently see on the counter or on the dining room table? A bowl full of rice, and it’s not for cooking, can you guess what it’s for?

air conditioning problems
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Air conditioning Problems

Well the point of this article is the average life of a working appliance and the conditions they operate under. I have customers that service their furnace and air conditioning system every year without interruption and guess what? Their heating and air conditioning system barely fails. Now does this hold true for every customer? No it does not, some of our customers have us out twice a year for their HVAC annually maintenance checks. But in between the time we come for their annual inspection from heating season to cooling season they did not change their furnace filter. This wreaks all kind of havoc. (We tell everyone or our customers to purchase the cheaper filters for good air flow and check the filters monthly) do they do it? NO (the some group).

Air conditioning problems in Chicago has other issues then just a dirty furnace filter. An air conditioning system that was installed incorrectly from the start. Of course how would you know that unless you were told by us or your current HVAC Contractor? Lack of maintenance is another issue.   The final issue for air conditioning repair problems is the fact that they A /C’s are not meant to last for ever.

Planned obsolesces. Not my rule, it’s just the way the world is. But here’s a nice thought.  Amana heating and air conditioning equipment such as the furnaces have a lifetime furnace replacement should your heat exchanger fail. An on the higher end air conditioning systems, they also have a life time air conditioner replacement should the compressor fail.

Many air conditioning problems can be resolved by doing a couple of things. Change your furnace filter monthly. Have your air conditioning system maintained by licensed a/c professionals, and first and foremost purchase a new air conditioning system with good warranties Like Amana.

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