Complete Air Conditioning Maintenance

Chicago’s air conditioners on hot and humid days take a beating.

If your air conditioner unit is not maintained properly over the summer season, the air conditioner may not work properly or last as long as it should. It is critical to have your air conditioner tuned-up for peak performances. Having someone coming to your house to clean your air conditioner isn’t a selling ploy. There is definitely a purpose for it. By having your air conditioner cleaned and the Refrigerant checked, this becomes your part of protecting the ozone. It also helps make your air conditioner run more efficiently.

As a kid, I remember having buckets of ice cubes in the evenings with old fans blowing over the top of the bucket to keep cool. During the day, fire hydrants always seem to get opened and turned on, and we ran through them until Mom yelled that’s enough. Those were my days of Taylor street.  As time went on, central air conditioners were installed. Air conditioners became a normal part of life which is how we end up letting our HVAC equipment get neglected. We take them for granted and forgot about them until you notice that your home is getting quite warm.

Image of bryant central air system


Maintaining your air conditioner is the same as maintaining your auto. Do you wait until the red engine light comes on and then call the dealer? Some people do, but most practical people set schedules for oil changes, tire rotations, and new filters.

How do you maintain your air conditioner? Do it yourself or have an air conditioning professional and do it for you.

Call us or contact us online today to schedule an appointment for a complete central air conditioning system cleaning and maintenance check.

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