Air Conditioning Maintenance Check Chicago

Air conditioning maintenance check should be performed on all a/c units regardless of age.

Having your central air conditioning unit cleaned and tuned up will insure that the system will perform when the weather turns hot.  Air conditioning maintenance check is required with all new air conditioning units as well in order to keep your a/c warranty intact.

Air conditioning maintenance check consists of cleaning the actual a/c condenser outdoors as well as checking your drain line by the furnace.  Other tasks for air conditioning maintenance checks consist of checking Refrigerant levels.  This insures there are no Refrigerant leak in system. OR if the Refrigerant level was correct to begin with.

Other inspections for air conditioning maintenance checks are,  testing and inspecting all electrical components in the condenser unit(outside unit) as well as in the furnace or air handler.
Main items to be considered very important in air conditioning maintenance check are Refrigerant levels, wiring connections and the most important of all, your furnace filter.

A clean air filter insures proper air flow through the evaporator coil which is Critical.  Another major component that falls under a critical  check, is the condenser coil (outside unit) if the condenser is dirty or clogged then a few bad things can happen.  Your air conditioner will not expel the heat that it should.  The components that suffer are the capacitor, the compressor and the condenser fan motor. These parts will fail over time if the condenser coil is not clean. I bet you did not know this?  Well now you know!  A clean air conditioning system will help eliminate the need of an air conditioning repair.

So therefore give Around the Town Air conditioning services a call to schedule your air conditioning maintenance check. 312-243-9896.

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