Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance.

air conditioning maintenance
Chris is performing a deep cleaning on this Trane unit, which had a few leaks internal. but we cleaned and repaired the a/c, all is good.

It’s funny how every year we send out post card  and online reminders concerning the importance of air conditioning maintenance.  Many consumers/homeowners ignore these reminders. 80% of the homeowners that ignore our reminders end up spending more money on air conditioning repairs or a new air conditioner (due to lack of maintenance). The customers of ours that heed our reminders very seldom have breakdowns of their HVAC systems.  Sure that rule doesn’t always apply, especially if furnace filters aren’t changed regularly. Besides mechanical equipment does tend to break from time to time even with heating and air conditioning maintenance. But the odds decrease ten fold in your favor.

We do not send these reminders because we have nothing better to do; we send these to help insure your air conditioning system is working at peak performances. Does it create work for us? Yes it does, however air conditioning maintenance saves you money as well as gives you a piece of mind, knowing the condition of your central air conditioning system, especially when the sweltering heat of Chicago summer arrives.

I write the blogs as you will, to help you the consumers know what’s right concerning your heating and air conditioning equipment. I guess I can say nothing and allow you the consumer to continuously pay up the wazoo for heating and air conditioning repairs or replacement. But then I wouldn’t be doing my job as an expert HVAC contractor.

Need emergency service? call the HERT team of Around The Town Heating and Cooling

Bottom line, be diligent, and have your air conditioning system maintained.

Your cost of maintenance will run you approximately $89.95 for single family homes with the outside condenser unit on the ground.

Town homes and condo’s as well as high rises can vary from $139.00 to $229.00 residential.
Commercial roof tops a/c maintenance may run you about $279.00 and up.

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