Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance is as important as having your automobile oil changed or tuned up. Preventive maintenance tells you the condition of the air conditioning system.

Air conditioning maintenance prevents unwanted breakdowns especially on those really scorching days. Does air conditioning maintenance prevent the air conditioner from breaking down? Not a 100% but increases the odds greatly against air conditioning failure. There are many factors that will cause an air conditioning system to fail.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. “Benjamin Franklin. This idiom is not only for our bodies but holds true to pretty much everyday living and the products we own or use.
Air conditioning maintenance does in fact save you money in repairs as well in your utility cost. How may you ask? Simple really, having your air conditioning maintenance performed will insure proper levels of Refrigerant. What this does is remove the humidity from your home or business properly.

Air conditioning maintenance also lowers your electrical bill because the condenser coil (the outside unit) gets cleaned thoroughly. This allows air flow to flow properly through the condenser coil which aids the removal of heat from your home or office.  Have you every stood by your outdoor condenser and felt the hot air from the top or side of your condenser? If so; that is the heat from your home or business being removed. That’s a good thing in the summer.

Air conditioning maintenance plans also save you money. Cut rates of Refrigerant charges as well as discounts on parts. Tips; Keep your furnace filter clean, check monthly. Use a programmable thermostat to lower or raise the temperatures as needed. Keep debris and shrubbery away from the outdoor condenser for proper air circulation.

If your outdoor condenser is under your deck make sure there are gaps of your decking boards for air displacement. Most condensers require 28”to 3 feet of clearance above the outdoor condenser per manufacture. We all know that condensers under decks usually do not have that clearance. This air restriction does in fact shorten the life of your air conditioning system. Air flow is critical for air conditioning systems to function properly.

All in all is safe to say that air conditioning maintenance is important and feel free to call today to get put on the list for air conditioning maintenance check. 312-243-9896

Air conditioning maintenance check
There are checklist we use to complete your air conditioning maintenance check.

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