Air Conditioning Installation Chicago

An air conditioning installation contractor in Chicago says

“hey let get real about the installation of your central air conditioning system. Installations of central air conditioning is not brain surgery however the a/c system needs to be installed correctly for it to give you the performance you purchased.”

Around The Town Heating and Cooling is not a big outfit, nor would we want to be.

Around The town Heating and Cooling’s claim to fame is simple, one customer at a time. That may sound ridiculous but we need to have satisfied each individual customer and the job they hired us for and trusted us with.

With the changing of refrigerants from HCFC R-22 to 410 ozone friendly refrigerant blend, the installation procedures have changed. Let me explain a few scenarios for you. You have your furnace in the basement and your basement is fully remodeled and your refrigerant lines run from your furnace to the out door unit called the condenser.

With the changing of refrigerants your supposed to change the copper tubing that carries the refrigerant back and forth to the evaporator coil to the condenser unit. How ever your refrigerant copper lines are buried in the walls or ceiling of your beautifully remodeled  basement or your lines are buried in the walls off your condo and your a/c condenser is on the roof, what ever do we do. The manufactures sells a flush kit that is supposed to clean the system free of HCFC r-22 so we can install your 410 a ozone friendly refrigerant.

Chicago Residential Consumers shopping heating and air conditioning equipment, give Big Ed and Around the Town HVAC a try. We promise reasonable rates, courteous service and respectful installation procedures.

We’re at your service day and night, we do the job and do it right!  Don’t call the other guys call big Ed instead.

Remember this if nothing else we are here to provide you with Warm winters and Cool summers.

Call 312-243-9896 or south suburbs Call 708-560-5410 or contact us online today.

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