Air conditioning for my older home Chicago

Air conditioning for my older home Chicago

Unico, Space pack, peerless and high vye, what do these names have in common? If you guessed high velocity air conditioning systems you are correct. High velocity air conditioning systems are design compact so that the duct work is unobtrusive and can be installed just about anywhere with the outcome is the same, real cool and quiet comfort air conditioning.

These systems were developed to alleviate the issue of installing duct work in the older and historic homes that are heated with boilers, Why is that may you ask? If you have a boiler in your home, church or business then you know that there are boiler pipes everywhere in the basement along the ceilings and lower.

These high velocity air conditioning systems use much smaller duct work that can be installed almost anywhere.

These high velocity air conditioning systems have much better cooling circulation than convention systems.

These high velocity systems can be used for spot cooling people like in laundry facilities where the temperatures soar and work stations need cooling, we have installed Unico systems in bike shops near work stations and Laundromats.

We here at Around The Town Heating and Cooling prefer the Unico brand over all others do to the 2 piece small snap together cooling and blower module that can be handed up to a attic in the hole you cut for the return of the Unico.

Another nice feature of the Unico system is if you have a boiler and want more heat than the boiler gives you, the Unico has a heat module that can be installed with the snap together sections to give you force air boiler heat. Neat isn’t it?

Call the Unico experts at Around The Town Heating and Air conditioning today at 708-560-5410 or 312-243-9896 to schedule a free estimate for your Unico system installation.

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