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air conditioning estimates
We welcome your need for a free estimate for a new air conditioning system, Heating system or Both.

Air conditioning estimates can be very confusing when dealing with three or more air conditioning contractors.

Air conditioning estimates lend themselves to how tricky an air conditioning estimator is.  And I stress trickery verses salesmanship.  The air conditioning estimators are trained to confuse the average buyer about a new central air conditioning system.

Let me give you a short version of confusion. Recently the new furnace laws were to take affect May 1st 2013 concerning furnace minimum efficiencies of 90% in the northern districts of the United States.  That law has been recently cancelled due to too many inconsistencies in the law and building structures.

However every day we receive phone calls from the consumer stating that their HVAC contractor or some other contractor is saying the furnace law is still in effect.  It’s not trust me.  It’s a scare tactics to get a sale.  Trickery, confusion and what I would call thievery.  That’s the way many air conditioning and furnace contractors do business, by fear. Better yet by lying or bad mouthing their competitors.

We at Around the Town Heating and Cooling do not use such maneuvers to get your business.  We send Big Ed to your home to give you a free estimate for your new air conditioning system or heating system.  Ed listens to what your needs or wants are and Ed quotes you.  Pretty simple no high pressure sales tactics.  Before we use any trickery to win your business, we would simply say thanks for your time and leave.

Air conditioning estimates should always be given apples to apples comparisons. Matter of fact that should hold true for anything you purchase. Air conditioning estimates are usually free and take about an hour of your time, please give air conditioning estimators a fair chance to win your business.

Thanks Management.

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