Air conditioning contractor, South Loop Chicago, West Loop Chicago, River North Chicago,

Air conditioning contractor, South Loop Chicago, West Loop Chicago, River North Chicago.

Spring has arrived; the few that have had the unfortunate issues with their central air conditioning system can now rest assured that, with the reading of this blog, you have found the right air conditioning contracting firm to correct your issues with your a/c system.

Chicago HVAC Contractor still offers R-22 central air conditioning systems to the public.

If you were told that you need a completely new air conditioning system and you have to upgrade to the new Puron 410 A refrigerant system, you have been misinformed. Let me explained what I mean.

As I write this article about HCFC Refrigerant R-22 and its alleged depletion properties of the ozone layer, I wonder why the Montreal Protocol,, with all its science would not consider this a urgency and discontinuing Refrigerant R-22 immediately. Now with the newer refrigerant Puron R-410A that has been said to be much friendly to the earth, you would think that an amendment to the Montreal Protocol would be added to speed up the phase out of this earth killer.

There’s been this big hype about the discontinuation of Refrigerant R -22 air conditioning systems for the residential sector as well as the light commercial applications. Yes as of January 1st 2010 the manufacturer can no longer build air conditioning products of any kinds with HCFC Refrigerant R-22.

This phase out of Refrigerant R-22 and all HCFC’s is part of a growing issue over global warming and its danger! Our scientist has predicted the fall out of all the pollutants that has been released in the atmosphere going back to the agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and transportation dating back to the industrial revolution.

Refrigerant R-22 systems are at your feet through the capable hands of Around The Town Heating and Air conditioning and crew. If your in the market for Refrigerant R -22, we will be at your doorstep minutes after your call. Thanks ED 312-243-9896 or 708-560-5410

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