Air conditioning contractor reviews

Air conditioning contractor reviews.


Around the Town Heating and Cooling has taken pride in the quality of air conditioning and heating work performed for the residents of Chicago and surrounding areas.

As much as we would like to make all customers completely satisfied, sometimes that point is futile. The heat wave of late had a profound effect on the amount of phone calls we received for air conditioning repairs or replacements.
We try to accommodate all customers that called for assistance for air conditioning or the lack of cooling for their comfort level. Although our staff performed their duties to the best of their ability, for some people that wasn’t good enough and the consumer let that be known by way of testimonials or reviews or bad reviews. Now the people we were able to assist completely with their lack of air conditioning needs gave us a thumbs up.

In the HVAC business its either feast or famine, when the weather is not to cold or not to hot the general consumer don’t think twice if we HVAC guys are feeding our families or not, when the weather turn either miserably cold or hot everyone who needs our service thinks that their lack of heat or cooling is dire and  the general consumer is very unfair to us HVAC guys, we always try to accommodate your needs.

The point of this message is that if you call a heating and air conditioning contractor for service and they can’t tend to your needs feel free to look elsewhere, in the Chicago land area there are about 5 Thousand HVAC Contractors, the majority of the HVAC contractors mean well and believe in their job and are willing to help you out of your crisis, bar from a air conditioning contractor taking money from you and not fixing your problem, please give us a break.

Think out the situation logically and don’t destroy a company’s good standing with a frivolous review.
We are in business to help, you not hurt you so feel free to call Around The Town air conditioning for service today! 312-243-9896 or 708-560-5410

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