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Air conditioning Chicago/Chicago air conditioning Contractor says It’s almost the end of summer but don’t put those bathing suits away not just yet, because summer will have its last hurrah. The heat will come back with a force just for summertime to say hey I’m not done yet.

We usually have those hot days in August, when you need to stay cool, that’s when people turn on those air conditioner systems again, and the A/C units aren’t working and some people might say” heck with that it’s the end of the summer and I’ll wait until next year to repair it.” Don’t put that repair off until next year because with the rising costs of living as well as the rising cost of doing business increases. Also by waiting to repair your unit, and can cause your a/c to become unrepairable and will may need to be replaced.

Around The Town Heating and Cooling a Chicago Air Conditioning Service Repair Contractor can ensure that your A/C unit is working properly. Remember comfort means different things to different people.

Whatever temperature you prefer in your home, we at Around The Town Heating and Cooling can help your air conditioner maintain your comfort level. A good air conditioner system will provide consistent temperature throughout your home, give good indoor air quality and have quiet operation.

If you have an air conditioner that is 12 to 15 years or older it is time to consider purchasing a new central air conditioning unit. The efficiency rating of your air conditioning unit plays an important role in the amount of electricity used by the A/C unit. You should consider looking for a HIGH SEER a/c systems, the higher the Seer than more efficient and the greater energy efficiency.

High efficient air conditioners can be expensive but the saving is likely to surpass the initial cost of the unit. It is so efficient it pays for itself in utility bills.
We have qualified air conditioning service repair technicians that can help you determine if your A/C unit needs to be repaired or if it need replacing with a new high efficiency A/C.
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