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Air Conditioning Chicago, Which Air Conditioner is Best?

All companies that you have come to your home and quote you on a new a/c system are going to tell you that whatever brand they sell is the best brand for you. Most all air conditioning reports state that the contractor and the knowledge of the product they are installing is more important than the brand.

We prefer Westinghouse because they offer the homeowner a ten year no lemon law quality pledge backed by the Good Housekeeping seal as well as the manufacturer. This ensures that no homeowner is stuck with a lemon and guarantees your satisfaction.

Always be sure it’s Westinghouse and purchase this product that has the good housekeeping seal so you know that you will have the opportunity to receive a new product or a full refund is given if you are not 100% satisfied.

This statement is pretty much true for all HVAC manufacture’s.

In the year 2017, air conditioning equipment will no longer be available with R-22 refrigerant. At that time an outdoor condensing unit replacement will require a system that is compatible with R-410A, the new refrigerant. The indoor evaporator coil and connecting line set will have to be replaced.

The homeowner will be responsible for the expense of replacing the evaporator coil and line set. In lieu of replacing the evaporator coil and line set, the homeowner can elect to receive a new R-22 replacement compressor if available.  A good air conditioning Chicago contractor will do what is right for their customer.

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