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When the federal government in cooperation with the EPA had suggested that an ozone free refrigerant needed to be engineered to help elevate the ozone layer depletion,they the government went to work with the big air conditioning and heating manufactures to produce a new refrigerant that will slow down the depletion of the ozone layer.

The refrigerant engineers came up with 410A or as Carrier call It Puron. There are other manufactures that produce 410-a however Puron is most common name for it.

We here at Around The Town Heating and Cooling knew that the refrigerant would cause problems and it has. As of 1-1-2010 manufactures could no longer build air conditioning condensers with r-22 refrigerant. Remember R-22 refrigerant was a serious ozone depletion chemical and it was mandated to stop production in new units manufactured.

The introduction of 410a was suppose to be a ozone friendly refrigerant however 410a refrigerant still could not be released into the atmosphere because 410a refrigerant has some of the same ozone completing chemicals that r-22 has so recovery of the refrigerant is still mandated.

Now in 2011 the government is now allowing the production of r-22 air conditioning condensers to be manufactured however the condensers need to be filled with nitrogen and not R-22. After the contractor purchases the nitrogen filled units, r-22 refrigerants can be introduced into the system and thus you again have r-22 refrigerant used in air conditioning systems.

The phase out of the r-22 and the introduction of 410a refrigerant in my opinion was a scheme for the big corporations in conjunction with the EPA and the federal government to again make tons of money by forcing the contractors to sell the new refrigerant systems due to the legislation change and forcing onto the consumer much undue stress and financial burden because of the procedures in changing the central air conditioners from r-22 to 410a. Here we are back at the same place we were before the phase out of r-22 filled condensers?

It would be a refreshing thought that someone in the government gets their laws concerning R-22 verses 410 a refrigerants straight.
Of course here at Around The Town heating and Cooling, we follow all mandates set forth to us.

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