Air conditioning Chicago Competence

Air conditioning Chicago

Means hard sell, hard work and too many incompetent and unlicensed heating and air conditioning guys out there.
Homeowners in Chicago and in general should consider looking beyond the cheap price tag of a sale and look into the crystal ball for the future. I ask a common question when I’m on a sales call for air conditioning, boilers or furnaces. The question is this, how long do you plan on staying in your home? The majority of answers come back as probably not long we hope.

I know a lot of those answers are to get a cheap price( I don’t bite) If I had a quarter for all the people that had told me this I would be rich and I would not be writing this blog.

I have had people call me for service work after I had given them a bid for a New HVAC System of some type and did not get the job because my bid was not cheap enough and wouldn’t you know it 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and so on years later they are still in the very same home and the contractor that installed the equipment was nowhere to be found. And here I am like an idiot repairing the system I lost a bid on, “Blind justice wouldn’t you say?

My point is that cheap, even today is not always the best choice. I’m not saying that you should take our companies bid every time (although it would be nice) what I am saying is look at the bigger picture besides how low in price can you can you go. When you buy cheap you always get what you paid for! You never know what life will bring to you so never assume anything, but always hope for the best.

Central air conditioning sales has already begun this spring of 2010. When you call a contractor out for an estimate you might try asking them how long they have been in business, and then ask them to verify their answer when they come on the sales call with a document or 2. Legit companies will provide the doc or 2. Or you can look them up on this link at; or the Cook county office at 69 West Washington Phone 312-603-0500, or the City of Chicago DCS 312.744.4006 contractor verifications. While I was typing this blog I found this info from cbs2chicago.Tips For Choosing a Home Repair Contractor –

I am amazed of the amount of information that is on the web and a consumer should never get ripped as long as they do a little research. In closing, central air conditioning Chicago season starts in a few week or so, especially for high rise tenants and their air conditioning. High rise tenants start using their air conditioning systems earlier than single family home dwellers. Due to the amount of heat that gathers in these high rise building. Start thinking a/c and a new purchase or just a simple air conditioning tune up, be the early bird that gets the worm! Call today to schedule your appointment! 312-243-9896 or 773-809-4103 or in the suburbs call 708-560-5410. Big Ed

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