Air Conditioning Cages

Air conditioning cages are a necessity today due to the high rate of stolen central air conditioning systems or better yet the outdoor unit which is called a condenser.

Air conditioning cages is a theft deterrent and will make most air conditioning thieves think twice before stealing your central air conditioner.

Talking with Chicago police detectives they tell us that if a thief really wants your central air conditioner they will find a way to steal it. The CPD also said that the would-be thieves will wait watch and time their theft. The thieves will know your home and away schedule better than you. If you are in a high crime neighborhood, change things up bit, like changing what lights you leave on every couple of days as well as installing a pad lock on your gate off the alley way. If you have a privacy fenced off yard then installing an air conditioning cage is exactly what you need. According to CPD if the thieves get in and have time, they will cut the cage apart. Camera systems may be needed as well as alarms.

Air conditioning cages
Air conditioning cages will deter would be thieves from stealing your central air conditioner.



So inclosing if you need your central a/c secured, feel free to call Around the Town Heating and Cooling today. If you are replacing your central air conditioner give us a call for a free estimate, we give free ac cages with a purchase of a new central air conditioner.
Otherwise our air conditioning cages are on sale starting May 1 2014 good through May 31 2014 starting at $850.00. Thanks ED

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