Air Conditioning Cages Chicago

Air Conditioning Cages have been in high demand due to the theft of central air conditioning systems all over Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Air conditioning cages in a high crime theft areas will stop the criminals in their track as they see the cage. Common sense says that if some thief wants something bad enough they will figure a way to get it. However the time it would take to get you’re a/c out from this cage to steal the copper the thief would be noticed and caught. Theft deterrent Cages work

Air conditioning cages are a good theft deterrent. And if you need a air conditioning repair, the cages open for us to repair your air conditioner!

air conditioning cages
Stop thieves in their tracks with air conditioning cages!

These air conditioning cages are a pain in the butt to put together, however it will keep your air conditioning system safe from the would be thieves.
At Around the Town Heating and Air conditioning we are always thinking about ways of improving your air conditioning system. One way is to hire us to install your anti-theft air conditioning cages.

Chicago A.C. Cages
Newly secured central air conditioning units

If you’re a hands on person then by all means give us a call and you can purchase the cage from us and install it yourself. Air conditioning cages adjusts from 34”H x 30”W x 30”D to 59” H x 51”W x 51”D
Air conditioning cages can be submitted to your insurance company as well. If you are in the market for a new air conditioning system and purchase from us, we will give you an air conditioning cage as a gift from purchasing from us. Some restrictions do apply however. IE location, if an air conditioner is under a deck and we can’t move it, some air conditioning cages may not fit. If you live in a town home you may need approval from the homeowners association.

All in all these air conditioning cages deter thieves, so inquire today at 312-243-9896. 1 week lead time from manufacture, our installed price starts at $465.00 includes locks and keys.
If you are a do it yourself-er and want to purchase an air conditioning cages from us, your cost is $327.99 includes taxes.

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