Air conditioning and heating repair contractor

Air conditioning and heating repair contractor.

The subject comes up every once in awhile at our supply house about how the illegal aliens comes here and starts a heating and air conditioning company.  While doing so these illegals are undercutting our bids at an alarming rate that should make the consumers think why so cheap.

Every year at least 50 to 100 consumers call us that had a furnace or air conditioning system installed by these illegals or side jobbers and guess what they are calling us to make repairs on these new hvac systems.  The other fact that remains is that many hvac supply houses are selling furnaces and air conditioning systems to these illegals knowing that they are not licensed contractors or even have papers to be in this country.  EPA, a fine institution, would be rolling over, if they new just how many hvac wholesalers are selling to unlicensed  heating and air conditioning contractors.

This is typical in the hvac industry, we see and hear this regularly.  Consumers are looking for the cheapest furnace or air conditioning system available to them at the time when the system is needed, but don’t look at the long term costs by not having a lifetime heating and air conditioning contractor installing the system for them. The old adage is, “you get what you pay for”. It is not always a wise decision to think cheap when it comes to your heating and air conditioning or for your brakes on your car, I think you get the jest of the last.

I write this blog just as a simple reminder about the importance of hiring the right contractor for whatever task is needed.  Around The Town Heating & Cooling offers free phone consultations about your air conditioning and heating system, however you really don’t receive the fullest information available to you over the phone so it is always best to set some time aside and invite a good HVAC contractor like us to your home for a free in home estimate.

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