Selling Your Home? Does your heating and cooling equipment make a difference?

Are you selling your home in Chicago?  As you probably know, kitchens, bathrooms, and closet space are very important factors in the sale of your home. Other important factors in selling your home are the mechanical workings of your home. For example, there is the electrical, plumbing, and the air conditioning and heating.

When a prospective buyer is looking at purchasing your home, there must have been something that has drawn them in. Their next item of importance is your heating system and your air conditioning system. When home buyers purchase a home in the cold Chicago winters, they want to be comfortable knowing that they are purchasing a home with a good heating system. The last thing a homebuyer wants to do is to have their heating system replaced as soon as they move in. A homebuyer may choose to purchase a new heating system, but it should be on their terms.

When home buyers purchase a home in the hot Chicago summers, they want to know that the air conditioning system is working well and again don’t want to forced to purchase a new central air conditioning system right off the bat. Usually, homebuyers are prepared to buy a home and have their home inspector ready to inspect the property. If your air conditioning and heating system is old and raggedy and you are thinking of selling your home, you definitely need to call Around The Town Heating and Cooling. We can offer our suggestions and give you great deals on new air conditioning and heating systems with a ten year warranty to pass along to your prospective buyer.

Call today to schedule your free estimate for a new air conditioning and heating system in for your home. South Loop, West Loop and River North Call 312-243-9896. Chicago Call 773-809-4103 and the South and Southwest suburbs call 708-560-5410.

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