Air conditioning

Air conditioning

This Spring 2010,  we already started  receiving air conditioning calls from River North High rises as well as South Loop and West Loop for air conditioning service and repair Chicago , these calls were from people that already had to turned on their air conditioners today 3-19-2010. It blew warm air. Welcome, summer!

After this long Chicago winter, Residents of River North, South Loop and West Loop should consider the preparation for a warm summer  ahead, in preparation for the long warm summer, besides your summer apparel, and and pulling your summer car out, your air conditioning system should be the next on your list.

When the temperatures heat the 70’s and 80’s degree mark with humidity levels to match. A reliable air-conditioning system makes your home an oasis of relief, and a broken a/c  means misery,or, in extreme cases, death. Remember the Chicago heat wave of 1995.

Fortunately, there are plenty of air conditioning and heating service companies across the Chicago land area that can be there for you with a simple call 312-243-9896, however like the summer of 1995 or the summer of 2004 or even last summer.  If you like central air conditioning be prepared!

On repair jobs,  a consumer should call and describe the symptoms whether it be air conditioning or heating,  Our company service man should be able to tell you over the phone what’s likely to be wrong and give you a approximate price of repair, assuming a correct symptom is given. If we can’t  give you a preliminary diagnosis and estimate over the phone, you’ll have to schedule a service call. ( Our girls in the office will not give that information, they will have a service mechanic call you, if none are in the shop).

I found this next statement in a article, The lady in the article say’s this”If the first company that comes to your home gives you an estimate that is a few hundred dollars or less, it usually makes sense to have them go ahead with the work—it saves the time of having others come to your home, as well as paying the minimum service charge for the visits. But before paying, get a detailed invoice, including a description of the symptoms before the repair, a list of all labor charges and parts replaced, and a written warranty”. Our take on that article is,  repairs on air conditioning and heating systems have a wide berth and price ranges can be from every company whether it be HVAC or Plumbing, landscaping to window washing, all have different price ranges due to the size and overhead of that said company. That’s why a reputable company like Around The Town Heating and Cooling have no problem giving you approximate pricing over the phone, however it’s not fair to us, because a consumer can say to another hvac company  ” around the town heating said it would cost this much” and that is a dilemma we see in pricing over the phone, but we still do it anyways, we have nothing to hide or lose because “you the consumer” is calling around for pricing and you should exercise that right. We encourage it.

Shopping air conditioning and heating is always good pre – season due to the large array of sales HVAC companies are offering. For example we have central air conditioning r-22 systems available to you for great pricing like a complete new air conditioning  system installed for the great price of $2400.00. WOW air conditioning $2400.00. Ending my little note to you the home owners of Chicago, remember summer and heat will be here sooner than you think, be prepared call Around The Town Air conditioning today at 312-243-9896 and the burbs at 708-560-5410. Thanks, ED.

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