Is your A/C unit able to handle the heat of your home?


Around the Town HVAC & air conditioning has the just the thing to make your air conditioner work more efficiently safely for your everyday comfort.

Warm weather is coming fast, especially in Chicago where overly hot days are normal, so making sure your A/C unit will be able to handle the heat of your home is very important. Being cool should be a priority, and avoiding an emergency repair call is a must for businesses and residents alike. The best way to reduce your odds of having to call a repair technician to come to your home is to take some of these upfront steps to maintain your air conditioner.
Around the Town HVAC often finds that one of the main problems, is that homeowners take their air conditioning system for granted.

People often assume that a flip of a switch will make the right temperature air blow out of there vents. But the truth is, it’s a complicated system, and they don’t last forever especially when maintenance is neglected.
Around the Town HVAC puts it this way:
“Imagine taking your family on a cruise ship you knew wasn’t inspected before launching. Or how about taking an around the country road trip without having your vehicle checked by a professional first. Its just not safe! The same logic holds true for your HVAC air conditioner. Regular A/C maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and best unit performance. Pre-season air maintenance is also important as it can help to avoid failure in severe hot weather when you need your unit the most. Not to mention keeping your energy bill from shooting through the roof”.

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