AC System Cleaning

Maximize your comfort and convenience by reducing wear-and-tear issues with a full-service inspection plus an air conditioner and heater cleaning. Our certified professionals will clean and refurbish your system to perform like it was new.

Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

If you do not maintain your heating & cooling system it will not perform at its peak level.

  • Consistently maintained air conditioners can extend the life of the unit.
  • It is more costly to operate a system that hasn’t been maintained yearly.
  • Most heating and cooling system breakdowns are from lack of maintenance.
  •  A dirty HVAC system can take twice as long to maintain a consistent temperature.

A heating and air conditioning system cleaning and maintenance check from Around the Town HVAC is great service that can prevent problems in your home, save money and increase your comfort. Our certified maintenance technicians will clean your system and check for any problems that may be repaired or replaced.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Benefits

  • Conserve Energy: Clean air conditioners are able to run more efficiently.
  • Extend System Life: By having us keep your air conditioner system running smoothly.
  • Increase Comfort: Dust and dirt make it more difficult to breathe. Filter maintenance is ESSENTIAL.
  • Prevent Breakdowns: Dirt interferes can build-up and destroy your HVAC system.

Air conditioning services and today’s consumers are more knowledgeable about central air conditioners due to the information the internet provides. This is a good thing because selling quality Air conditioning services with quality HVAC equipment becomes a less tenuous task because the majority of consumers are already informed about the air conditioning system they are in the market to purchase.

At Around the Town Heating and Air conditioning we provide fast and friendly air conditioning services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs of Chicago. We are willing to travel the distance so that you can have premier air conditioning services performed by our service technician and air conditioner installation crews.

No air conditioning services too small or too big for our crews. If you need an air conditioner tune up, new central air conditioning system or an air conditioning repairs, no worries we’re here for you to provide these services to you at affordable pricing.

Air conditioning services in Chicago or anywhere for that fact are a service we enjoy. Especially with the challenges of the changing of the Refrigerant laws. Many consumers still have R-22 Refrigerant in their central air conditioning systems. This presents a financial burden due to the extreme cost of r-22 Refrigerant.

No worries though, there are many new drop in refrigerants coming to market and some already here for you to choose from. Although each air conditioning manufacture requires a certain type of drop in refrigerant to keep your existing warranties intact.

With the new drop in replacement refrigerants for R-22 there are procedures we need to follow. The initial cost to you may be a bit higher however it’s a long term solution.
If you are in the market for air conditioning services, feel free to give us a call at 312-243-9896.
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