A/C Replacement Verses A/C Repair which is better

A/C Replacement Verses A/C Repair which is better?

This question comes up often in conversations with customers and hvac technicians as well.

A/C replacement for energy efficiency is always a good idea in order to help decrease the carbon footprint of the earth’s atmosphere. However repairing you’re a/c can be cheaper and the a/c system can work as well as a new unit, provided that the hvac technician gives you all the options for the repair and you the consumer agrees to make the repair, after that, a good technician will do his job accordingly.

A/C Replacement Verses A/C Repair which is better? Some contractors will have you believe that r-22 the old refrigerant is gone and can’t be manufactured, this is not true, the fact is r-22 still is being manufactured in cans however new condensing units no longer can have r-22 refrigerant charged in the system from the manufacturing plant. https://www.epa.gov/ozone/title6/phaseout/22phaseout.html Setting the record straight, 410-A or puron as its better known as, is not completely ozone friendly, it has been alledged that it’s ozone friendly, however we hvac guys still can’t vent it? 410-A has some of the same properties as the old r-22 and it still has not been proven to be friendly or not. I will say that any step towards reducing the carbon foot print is a friendly step in the right direction.  Read the full story concerning conceptions and misconceptions of Refrigerant,ozone and the Epa ruling in May 15th 2011blog roll.

This link above says it all. Now back to replace a/c verses repair a/c. We are a service first company and as a manager of a small air conditioning company I like to see new a/c  installations rolling out the door on a daily basis but this is not always the case. Being true to the consumer and giving the consumer the choice when it comes to repairing verses replacement of the a/c system is more beneficial to all concerned.

Our job as HVAC contractors is and should always be to inform the consumer of all the pros and cons of repair verses replace when comes to their a/c system or furnace or any other hvac equipment as well.

There are extenuating circumstances that may require replacement of your a/c system verses repairing you’re a/c system and those are; failed compressor on an 8 year and older a/c system, years of leaking refrigerant and compressor oils to the point of cross contamination, holes in the condenser coil tubing, dogs urinating on the condenser and the cooling fins deteriorated, the condenser fan motor and compressor failed at same time( like in a lightning strike) these are some of the reasons that replacement would be better than repairing, other reasons like, shear age of the a/c, unit super high electric bills, relocating your older a/c system to build a deck or room addition.

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