A/c Repair or Replace Chicago

A/c repair or replace Chicago. Has your basement flooded in the last rain storm April 17th?

If so, I’m sure you had your furnace, boiler or hot water tank repaired or replaced already. If not, we have great pricing on new furnaces, boilers and hot water tanks.

Here is a question that you may not been asked? My basement flooded, What is the condition of my central air conditioning system? Was your air conditioning system checked out? Did the storms affect my central air conditioning system?

Is it possible that the floods in the Chicago land area affect your central air conditioning system? Yes it’s possible. If the flood waters risen above the condenser fan motor then it’s a good possibility that your central air conditioning system might have been at risk of damage.

A/c repair or replace Chicago. Central air conditioning systems is an electrical circuit and water can damage these electrical components. Here’s another thought, have you had to add Refrigerant in your a/c system every year? If the answer is yes, then that means there’s a pin hole somewhere in you is a/c system. And if the water had reached the pinhole leak, then your Refrigerant is contaminated and your a/c system will fail.

If insurances are playing a role in your flood recovery make sure you add the a/c inspection into the claim. Also have your insurance claims adjuster leave the air conditioning system as an add-on of the claim, especially if you’re a/c system is shot.

A/c repair or replace Chicago. Over all the odds of your air conditioning system being destroyed from the floods are minimal. But you never know, and if the heat gets bad this summer you may be in for a surprise when you turn on you’re a/c.  Have you’re a/c cleaned, inspected, tuned up and maintained. This will insure you’re a/c system is OK.

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