AC Repair Chicago, Chicago AC Repair

AC Repair Chicago,Chicago ac repair companycan do 4 u what most other hvac companies can`t or won`t do. You probably heard the same old sales pitch million times before but  here at Around The Town Heating and Cooling, we do put our customers first.   We offer 24 hour emergency service for no extra charge, we have a very low service call rate of $89.00 and our Refrigerant prices are reasonable as well.  We also offer evening hours at no extra cost to you to accommodate your busy work schedule. Beat that!

AC Repair Chicago,Chicago ac repair is always striving to improve the quality of it services we provide to our customers.  If we can`t get it done for you than nobody can!  We are not a large firm and we don`t drive Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s like some of our competitor`s nor do we wish to, if we can afford cars like that then it would be safe to say that we are over charging our customers, wouldn`t you agree?

We are a family owned and operated company, so we understand about your family’s concerns about  your central air conditioning and keeping your family comfortable.

WE are offering summer specials on A/C tune ups.  It’s important to  get your A/C tuned up so your air conditioner can be more efficent  and save you more money.  Ask us about our special discounts we are offering  to Senior citizens, police officers, firefighters, and military personnel.  Call us by June 21st and recieve $200.00 off a new high efficient central air conditioner and recieve a free ten year parts and labor warranty. Thanks for viewing this blog, hope to have you view some more… Big ED. 312-243-9896

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