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AC REPAIR and Chicago Summer weather!

Ac repair? Are you ready for the scorching heat and high humidity? With the presents of summer rain showers, comes high uncomfortable humidity. Humidity plays a major factor with your ac system. High humidity will hinder your ac systems performances.

AC repair in Chicago’s and its horrid high humidity will cause your ac system to run much longer than usual. Other key factor that hinders proper performances from your central air conditioning system is dirty furnace air filters, dirty or clogged outdoor condenser (your ac unit).

Improper Refrigerant levels? you may think your ac is OK, however your AC system may work fine on a hot day with low humidity however add high humidity and your ac system will run much longer and you may feel sticky. This may constitute an improper Refrigerant charge or lack of Refrigerant.
What causes the lack of Refrigerant?

AC systems are a sealed unit; the piping that connects your ac system is a closed system. If your Refrigerant is low it can mean 2 things, 1 your ac system sprung a leak and 2 the system wasn’t charged properly from day one. And believe me, this occurrence is not rear.

Going back 20 plus years ago in Chicago some genius that worked in the City of Chicago HVAC department decided that pressure relief valves built into the condenser units would saves lives if a building caught fire. How’s that? The heat buildup would cause the pressure of the Refrigerant to increase expediently thus relieving the valves to pop, causing all the Refrigerant to leak out which would keep the first responders as well as the occupants free from phosphine gas exposure.

Phosphine gas could shut down your lungs very quickly causing death. Really the EPA should have been notified because many of these pop off valves failed and are still failing causing the Refrigerant to enter the atmosphere. And according to the government, Refrigerant is a partial cause for the ozone layer deteriorating. The point here is that there are many ac systems that have pressure relief valves still installed and that may be your source of the Refrigerant leak.

Many of the ac repair(s) we see are lack of Refrigerant and dirt. Dirt? Yes dirty furnace filters and dirty outdoor condensers. Dirt is a strong enemy of properly running ac systems.
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