Authority on AC Repair Chicago

Ac repair should be performed by licensed ac repair contractors.

Ac repair in Chicago requires ac contractors as well as technicians to have an EPA certification of a class 2 or above, such as a universal certificate. Its important to know the ac contractor you hire has a good working knowledge of your ac system. How do you know if the ac contractor is licensed? Ask them and if that’s not enough, ask them for their license number. Which can be verified by the city of Chicago.

Ac repair Chicago and class 2 licenses allow one to basically work on residential systems and some commercial ac equipment. It’s always good to know that the ac contractor you hire knows how to handle Refrigerant correctly. With 410 a refrigerant, operational pressures are much greater and the risk of explosions are present if an ac repair contractor is unaware of these pressures.

Other factors for ac contractors in Chicago and why being certified is important, is phosphine gases.  Phosphine gases are omitted when flames hit the Refrigerant.  You may wonder why a flame my hit Refrigerant? If an a/c contractor is performing ac repair Chicago and a Refrigerant leak needs a repair with a torch, any gases left in system may vapor out towards the flame causing phosphine gas.
Ac repair Chicago and the law states anyone handling refrigerant should have an EPA card, Law 40CFR 8.2 sub-part 7.

Ac repair Chicago and high rise apartment and condos requires some knowledge of the building structure as well as maneuvering the elevators, as well as locating the air conditioning system on the roofs.

At Around the Town Heating and Air Conditioning we take pride in our knowledge of negotiating ac repair in Chicago in high rise buildings.  Our years of performing a/c repairs on high rise roofs ease the burden of the customer we are performing a/c repairs for.

If you are in need of an ac repair Chicago let us be the first line of defense to cool you and your home back to a comfort range you deserve. Thanks.

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