A/C Pricing Chicago

A/C Pricing Chicago

As a consumer, I’m sure by now that all the sales gimmicks you see on TV or the newspaper shouldn’t fool you a bit. For example, the ad gimmick which sounds too good to be true (usually is) these ads are designed to either get you into the ad persons store to sell you something or to have a salesmen to your home or business to up sell you. And in all fairness that’s the retail business game.

However with Around the Town Heating and Cooling if our sales price is in print, then that will be the price. Our ad will inform you of what you are receiving for that price. No gimmicks here. Now lets be pragmatic. If you call and ask for a price from us, and tell us exactly what you need, we quote you and if  what you told us turns out differently than of course the price my change. Remember folk’s apples for apples.

We see our competitors say and show all kinds of pricing for new furnace and a/c’s,  however what I’m told by those customers shopping out our competitors pricing, is that it’s always different. Remember apples for apples and watch closely any wording and pricing that they may use to get their foot into your door.

We are a small HVAC shop and we service our customers one at a time, and on a personal basis verses a business basis. We want you to be as comfortable with us as we would like to be comfortable installing your heating and cooling. Have you ever had a tyrant for a boss and you didn’t complete your duties as well as you could have? It’s a two way street, we want to be comfortable installing your HVAC equipment.

Maybe our sales approach is unorthodox but this is how we roll. And the crew and owners of Around the Town Heating and Cooling sleep well at night knowing we have a no gimmick approach and we never bait and switch. You get what you pay for and then some every time, all the time.
Call and ask about our air conditioning sales pricing.

Thanks Ed

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