AC Furnace Repair Near ME

AC Furnace Repair Near ME, I’m always looking for a reputable and reasonable priced AC furnace repair company near me.

AC furnace repair near me has a list to choose from longer then my arm, whom do I choose? I have found that companies that have reasonable service call rates and offers flat rate pricing seems to be my best choice.

Many AC furnace repair  companies say one thing over the phone and do an entirely different approach when at my home. Recently we called a local AC furnace repair company near me and it was refreshing that most everything told to us over the phone was true and accurate.

Our AC had failed and was freezing up, they guy I had talked to over the phone said it sounded like our ac system was low or out of Refrigerant. That was exactly the case when they came out. They asked us questions like how often do we have to add Refrigerant to the AC system? How often do we change our furnace filter?  They technician said to be honest so he can figure out a solution. Now here’s where finding an AC furnace repair near me came to be to my husband and my advantage.

Ed said we had a leak, no brain surgery there, however the repair solution is what we liked, after all remedies offered, we chose the best and least expensive option of easy seal stop leak because of the price and warranty guarantee. Ed had informed us of the phase out of R 22 refrigerant and that the r 22 is becoming very outrageous in price. Ed had said that we should consider replacing our AC system to the new 410 a refrigerant and priced it to us, however the new ac system was not in our budget.  Ed’s solution was what we needed due to our budget. After the repair was made and Ed was paid I told him that we had to manually lite our furnace with a log lighter because the furnace no longer would lite.

Ed looked at the furnace and said we needed a new hot surface igniter; he gave us the igniter for free. We couldn’t believe it. Ed said that he understood financial problems and ask that we consider giving their company name out in return as a referral. AC furnace repair near me proved to be to my benefit as to my search term on the internet.

Company notes, this occurrence took place yesterday 6-13-13 and this solution for Dan and Kori proved beneficial for them. We as an AC furnace repair company always try to do the best for any given situation. Although we are in the business of installing and repairing heating and air conditioning system we always try to help the consumer any way possible. However with any service, money will be spent. It’s just a matter of how much should you spend.

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