80 Percent Efficient Furnace Update

80 Percent Efficient Furnace update

80 percent efficient furnace update. There has recently been lots of talk regarding the Regional Standards lawsuit and the May 1, 2013 effective date for the Northern Region.  Around the Town Heating and Cooling believes it important to continue to lay out the facts to our customers as we know them today.

  •  Court proceedings in the lawsuit have been delayed to allow for additional time for a mediated settlement. If an agreement is not reached by December 13, the court case will resume or an additional delay could be requested.
  •  No agreement has been reached. If the parties do agree to a settlement, a judge would then have to sign off on the agreement.
  •  A mediation session is planned for today, but due to a gag order, participating parties are barred from disclosing details of the negotiations.
  •  Because there is no settlement and the court case has yet to run its course, distributors and us dealers must still plan for the May 1, 2013 effective date in Northern Region.

We will continue to update you as developments occur so therefore if you as a consumer need a new 80 percent efficient furnace now is the time to purchase a new furnace 80% efficient furnace.  In cooperation with Goodman manufacturing Around the Town Heating and Cooling is offering great deals on Goodman up flow 80% efficient furnaces.

  •  Purchase a Goodman 80 percent efficient furnace and receive a free programmable thermostat as well as 10 year parts warranty and a free furnace tune up the following season.
  • Upgrade to a 95% efficient Amana furnace and receive ten year parts and labor warranty with a lifetime furnace replacement should the millionaire heat exchanger fail.

And the bonus give away is a free humidifier and programmable thermostat. Too good to be true? Absolutely not give us a call to set up an appointment for a free in home estimate.

Thanks Big Ed.

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