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Great service on a last minute late night call. Brought over heaters for our comfort in a very chilly house after the furnace went out. Also, some very useful advice on keeping our furnace in ideal condition. Thanks Ed!!
4.0 star rating 2/5/2017
Mar F.
Chicago, IL

We needed a complete HVAC system replacement. Ed quoted us a great price and included some extras at no cost. Ed is not a slick salesman who tries to up-sell you; he is an honest, hard- working man. He and his crew completed our job in one day. We were very satisfied with the work and highly recommend Around the Town Heating and Cooling.
4.0 star rating 4/16/2014
Terrence W.
Midlothian, IL

I’m keeping Around the Town when i have heating or AC problems. I’ve had problems with other companies overcharging me needlessly, and I think being taken advantage of. But Ed and his crew i believe charged us very fairly and did good work. Even on the hottest day of the year he was able to schedule a visit within 24 hours of when I called him.

4.0 star rating 7/21/2012
William R.
Chicago, IL

Can’t say enough good stuff about Around the town heating & cooling. Ed arrived at my home after a frantic call with little helpful info to him other than my furnace isn’t working. Ed was patient as he tried to help us trouble shoot with no brush off or mention of charging for the knowledgeable info and tutelage. After Ed arrived at my home following my emergency call on a Sunday morning at 8a.m. Within the hour of his arrival my 16 year old Carrier furnace was up and running again. Thanks again for the prompt, professional, patient, knowledgeable reasonably priced service. We are a small business and we would like to recognize the great customer service we received today.

Sincerely Toasty in Calumet City!
Mark & Sandra
4.0 star rating 2/6/2011
S. F. F.
Long Grove, IL

Ed is a classic Chicago tradesmen in a sense that you may find his personality a little rough but when you peel back the layers he is exactly who I want in my house working to help me get the right solution for a fair price. High on integrity and a genuine person. Salvatore, his son backs him up and is great with customers. I recommend calling these guys when you need HVAC experts.
Mike M.
Naperville, IL

I selected Around the Town based on the yelp reviews. I disregarded the few one star reviews because after talking, scheduling and dealing with Ed, I realized their bad experiences were caused by their own lack of knowledge of THEIR equipment that is broke and what it takes to fix it. Being late for a service call does not warrant a one star review. Nothing goes as planned in any profession. You wait for your doctor, your mailman, the cable guy, etc etc.
As far as being rude, simply not the case. I found Ed direct. Here is whats wrong with your system and this is what it takes to fix it. Yet one of the nicest service people I’ve met. Ed took the time, showed me everything he was doing and why it was being done. He answered every question I had. He serviced my unit and had it running like it never had before, even though it was “serviced” every year by the previous owner. i would highly recommend Ed and his HVAC business. I want my stuff fixed right the first time and have made myself knowledgeable enough to when I’m being fed some BS. Never once did I feel this way with Ed. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field. My money was a well spent investment in a system on its last legs.
Mark V.
McHenry, IL

I had my AC unit recharged on June 8th by Around The Town after being blown off by another company. When I called for an appointment, I was told a tech could be out that afternoon. With a 90 degree plus weekend on the way, I was thrilled. Salvatore arrived and was very professional and friendly. My AC unit is very old and with no pressure at all he made me aware of options for installing a new unit, which I intend to do next year. I will definitely be calling Around the Town.

M. H.
Midlothian, IL

Today, I was pleased with the service that I got from this company. To start, I called the contractor because i was having an electric issue with my house where i was in the situation where i had complete loss of electricity. Being in this situation, i was confused but i was happy too because the contractor showed up on time, and explained to me perfectly. I would refer this contractor to everyone because he is professional and knows what he talking about.

Jennifer H.
Burbank, IL

We observed that our AC and Heater were not working well. So I decided to call these guys to do an inspection. They found out that it need cleaning. After they had informed me about the action needed. I let them do the cleaning. My AC was cleaned very well in addition to the furnace. They did an impressive job! When the cleaning was done, they checked and tested the heat and air conditioning systems. Well done, they were able to refurbish our system to perform like it was new. After a few days, they called to ensure everything was okay. I have referred them to all my friends, and all experienced wonderful service.

Donald D.
Maricopa, CA

I bought a new boiler from this company and it was really impressive. Their costumer representative was really polite and professional in answering all my questions. Well, the estimate was done swiftly. On the next day, the technicians came to install the boiler (earlier than I expected). They showed me the installation process and discussed important tips that will help maintain good condition of the boiler. It took more than half a day to finish the job, really fast. When the installation was over, they cleaned up all their mess, which I appreciate the most. Most of all, I received a wonderful service and also a reasonable price! Thank you so much!

Craig F.
Los Angeles, CA

I bought a new boiler from this company and it was really impressive. Their costumer representative was really polite and professional in answering all my questions. Well, the estimate was done swiftly. On the next day, the technicians came to install the boiler (earlier than I expected). They showed me the installation process and discussed important tips that will help maintain good condition of the boiler. It took more than half a day to finish the job, really fast. When the installation was over, they cleaned up all their mess, which I appreciate the most. Most of all, I received a wonderful service and also a reasonable price! Thank you so much!

Henry M.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating 2/27/2017

Needed after hours emergency furnace service, Ed responded and solved my problem, fair priced, timely service.

5.0 star rating 2/21/2017
Joe E.
Palos Heights, IL

It was an excellent service from Around The Town. They arranged to come out on Sunday to install a new unit for me at my house and they’re great. The technicians were prompt and showed up based on the scheduled time. They even called to let us know they were on their way to our home. I can’t say enough about the customer care. Their prices were unbelievably affordable. So, if you need the best heating & cooling Service, choose these guys!

5.0 star rating 2/8/2017
Paul P.
Chicago, IL

Edward is fantastic, came out and fixed my heat in 20 minutes at 9 at night. Even my 1 year old daughter loved him.

5.0 star rating 2/4/2017
Todd B.
Cocoa Beach, FL

I hired Around the Town because of their genuine experience. Their installation team was profoundly knowledgeable, highly skilled and gave us exactly what we needed. The new furnace unit is a fantastic system. They explained to us how it works and how to properly use it. They also gave us the option to go through with them the maintenance and any thing to look for in case something happens to the furnace which we appreciated the most. My house now has warm air and a comfortable atmosphere. I spoke to Ed to thank him for a job well done. It was a damn good experience! I’d recommend them to anybody who needs an new furnace unit.

Kevin M.
Chicago, IL

Ed with Around the Town is the best! He installed our central air years ago and has run with no problem since. Just recently we had to replace our Furnace. We called Ed and not surprisingly they came thru to do a fantastic quick job. We would be happy to recommend Around The Town Heating and Cooling with 5 stars.

Rachel V.
Cook, IL
5.0 star rating 1/16/2017

I called this Around the Town after having used a competitor for the last two years, but after several failed attempts looked for an alternative. I spoke with Ed friday morning and said he would make time to come out saturday for my appointment. Saturday am i called him to check if everything was still on time and he said that his crew was stuck at another job and would be for some time, but that he would personally drive out and do my inspection. He was very professional and considerate of my time and helped with some simple fixes that went above and beyond and have since resulted in cleaner more constant temperatures as well as future savings on filters as well. Thank you Ed and Sam for a job well done and a new client.

Peter Z.
Chicago, IL

The technician, Ed, went out of his way to replace a part for my AC unit which saved me lots of money. Other companies told me to replace the unit and there was nothing else they could do. It was broke! However Ed fixed it! Thanks

Zachary P.
Midlothian, IL

The best company I’ve ever had I’ve had there service for over 15years they have installed my furnace and air always comes right out t when I call them I would not call anyone else but this company

5.0 star rating 8/2/2016
Julie E.
Tinley Park, IL

I would HIGHLY recommend Ed and his team. Ed has serviced my appliances for years and has always been punctual and gotten the job done right. I recently had to install a new A/C unit and he made sure the new one was installed ASAP since it went out on a 90+ degree day. Ed has always been great to work with and really cares about his customers and getting the job done right the first time!

Tricia P.
Orland Park, IL
5.0 star rating 7/11/2016

ED is The HVAC MAN!! You can read all the negative reviews you want, but I’m telling you: he knows what he is doing and he will tell you the truth. This isn’t the Maytag or Culligan Man – no fancy outfits. Just a no-nonsense, straightforward, knowledgeable, and reliable service man. Over the winter, when my furnace went out in 20 degree temperatures, Ed made time on a Friday, after a full day of installations, to come and consult me because he knew this guy with two kids and no heat was in a jam. He did everything he could to fix the unit, but ultimately it had to be replaced. He gave me the straight scoop and a good price and came in to do the job with his family-based crew the next morning – on a Saturday, after adjusting the timing of other jobs (without a “weekend” fee or surcharge). In the meantime he gave me the advice necessary to function until the job could get done. Recently, my water heater pilot light went out and on the basis of a morning call he made time after another major job, and showed up amid a major downpour of rain to make minor repairs, for no charge – just because, I would say, I get where he’s coming from. He’s going to do his best to fix your unit – usually because we’ve overlooked basic maintenance. But if it is a lost cause, he won’t mince words – he’ll give you a good price, the promise of good work, and do it. If you are straight with him, he’ll be straight with you. He and his family crew are just doing what they do as well as can be done. Maybe he’s ten minutes late here and there, or you have to give him a couple of calls just to see how the previous job is going… But this is an expert laborer and craftsman. Listen: he takes apart antique stoves and rebuilds them as his hobby! He’s a character – but the real deal. If you don’t like his style, then no big deal. But we’re talking someone who knows heaters, boilers, air conditioners, water heaters inside out. We all went to school so we don’t have to deal with this kind of stuff. But I did enough basic labor to know when someone is calling it like it is. He does. So call him up, let him try to fix it, take his word for it if he can’t, and save yourself further searching or worry.

David D.
Chicago, IL

When my daughter’s AC broke down during a very hot string of days recently, Ed was there that very day. He found the problem immediately and it was fixed in a very short amount of time for a very reasonable rate. He teaches as he goes, so if you want to learn, he is amazing! Since this is the first home for my daughter and her fiancé, it’s a great comfort to know that she has Ed’s number in her phone and whatever the issue may be, he’ll take care of it. I recommend him and Around the Town Heating/Cooling one hundred percent.

5.0 star rating 5/29/2016
Beth O.
Hinsdale, IL

We had are boiler go out and we called around the town. They had someone come out and inspect the unit. They repaired the boiler for a good price and it has been working great ever since. We would recommend Around the town to anyone in the chicago area who wants their furnaced fixed for a good price.
William D.
Chicago, IL

I would recommend these guys. During an especially cold spell in January, my heating went out. Around the Town was able to show up and fix the problem within a few hours. I got honest feedback and a fair price. I had another company come up before Around the Town and not only did they want to charge 20% more, they couldn’t fix the problem that day. Around the Town beat their price AND installed the needed components on the same day. After about 6 weeks since they showed up, I noticed that my place wasn’t getting warm. Again, I called Around the Town and they came right over within an hour and didn’t even charge for the service call this time since it was still considered a follow up from 6 weeks prior. I will be using Around the Town again and would recommend them if you are looking for a straight-shooter on repairs and pricing.

Brian H.
Chicago, IL

I would definitely recommend Ed and his guys at Around the Town Heating and Cooling. I came back from a trip in Lake Geneva to find that my furnace had stopped working when temperatures were well below 0 degrees for a good amount of the weekend. Luckily, none of my pipes burst, but the temp was falling fast in my condo. After trying to diagnose the problem myself (which was laughable, by the way), I had to start calling professionals. I had a well known company come in and try to fix a blown “flux capacitor motor gurder thingy” to the tune of 1200.00. I couldn’t come to terms with that cost so I called Ed. His quote was more than half of what the bigger guys charged, but this story gets even better.
As I mentioned it was a a frigid weekend and Ed was super busy serving customers because furnaces were being overworked in the excessive cold. He didn’t have the part I needed in his truck on Monday night and he knew I needed to get the problem fixed fast as my condo was already at 44 degrees and falling. ED called his HVAC supply company, set me up so I could pick up a new motor at 7:30 am the next morning, and helped me with instructions on how to install it. I couldn’t believe how nice he was. Who does that these days? When I finally got the furnace up and running around 900:am Tuesday morning, my condo was at 34 degrees, which is obviously the red line for water pipes. If it wasn’t for him, I’d have really been “up creek without a paddle”.

Thanks for helping me stay warm, Ed.

Customer for life,

Pat H.
Chicago, IL
5.0 star rating 1/19/2016

Would definitely recommend Around the Town Heating & Cooling. Called on a Sunday morning with my furnace not working and within 30 min Ed was at my house ready to diagnose the problem. Very professional thanks Ed.

Rene R.
Midlothian, IL
5.0 star rating 1/11/2016


After taking over a 12-unit apartment building with a central boiler system earlier this year, I called Ed based on the good yelp

reviews to do a clean and check on the boiler before firing it up for the upcoming winter. Ed came out and noticed that the high velocity circulating pump was leaking water and another auxiliary pump wasn’t sounding too good either. Ed wrote me an estimate for the scope of work and it was a sizable bill. At this point since I didn’t know Ed too well, I called on a few other HVAC providers to get a second opinion. Another shop offered a cheaper, stop-gap solution. However, two other HVAC shops agreed with Ed’s diagnosis but both were more expensive so I went with Ed. Further, I noticed that the others didn’t take as much time as Ed to inspect the situation so I felt comfortable going with him.

Ed completed the initial repairs on time and on budget. However, when he moved on to the individual apartments to fire up the system, he found some stuck zone valves that needed to be replaced. I wasn’t surprised by that given the age of the building so I had Ed complete those repairs as well. However, after that was complete, I had some tenants complain about being too hot. At this point, I personally could see the thermostats would open the zone valves, but not close them. I called Ed and he came out immediately. Long story short, after a good deal of investigation, it became apparent that the legacy wiring for all of the zone valves in the building was wrong. Talking to the tenants, no one had controlled their heat for years with some too hot and others freezing! It’s possible the wiring had been incorrect for decades! Ed took on the time-intensive job of re-wiring all of the zone valves and continues to help me fine tune the boiler system as we enter the winter.

Beyond being an experienced and knowledgable tech, I really think Ed stands out as someone who takes ownership of a problem and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done right. I could easily have seen other technicians leaving me in the lurch when the going got tough. Further, Ed is great at answering technical questions and is more than willing to share information with you as opposed to keeping you in the dark. Given all of this and along with fair pricing, I fully recommend Ed and Around the Town Heating. I’m glad I found him.

Kevin K.
Chicago, IL
5.0 star rating 11/4/2015

Ed came out to to service the HVAC in the condo I just sold in Chicago (the buyer requested it as part of the inspection as it had been awhile since I had it serviced). I was days away from moving to LA but Ed was able to schedule an appointment for me on such short notice. He arrived on-time, did a great job cleaning and checking for issues and wrote a detailed summary and confirmation of what he did so that the buyer would be aware that I had the HVAC serviced before closing. Ed is a great guy and I highly recommend Around the Town!
5.0 star rating 10/11/2015
Mike O.
Marina del Rey, CA

Ed Pavlick came today from Around the Town Heating and Cooling to service my air conditioning unit and I am still so happy after 6 years when he initially installed both heating and air conditioning units. Not only can I completely trust him, but he is fair in his pricing.
Here’s a review I wrote 6 years ago and thought I would re post as I am still a satisfied customer!
I am so thrilled to work with Ed from Around The Town. After
getting a few estimates, I found that he had the best price and he was
also the most detailed. He spent time explaining my options then
helped me choose / customize according to my needs. He installed new
AC & Heating units (53% more efficient – including the thermostat)
which is a huge improvement to what was originally installed. Some of
the current concerns that I was having with my old unit were:
1. My son had trouble breathing due to his allergies
When Ed opened up my unit (it’s located in the ceiling), I was
SHOCKED!!!! I saw with my own eyes tangled duct work that was kinked
and filthy! We were breathing contaminates even after I just had the
ducts cleaned! I imagine since the ducts were tangled and kinked,
they were difficult to clean. Even though it’s been only a few days
since the install, my son has had a much easier time breathing. fyi:
one of the options I added was installing an electric air cleaner with
a UV light that breaks down bacteria and kills it through the return
system. This will help too.
2. I was never comfortable in my home; hot in summer / cold in winter
since the ducts were tangled and kinked this prevented the air from
being able to circulate into my unit and as a result, the cold air
stayed within the joists vs. going into my unit. I couldn’t
understand why I was cranking my heat/air and was still very hot/
cold. For instance, I usually set my AC at 68 degrees and was still
warm, now since it has been installed, I set it at 78 degrees and am
COOL! This will obviously save me $$$ and provide a better air
3. My unit was very dry in the winter since I thought I didn’t have a
humidifier. I was told by the inspector when I bought my unit that there was no
humidifier when in fact there was! Ed found a box all the way in the
back that wasn’t even hooked up – it was a “code” humidifier that was
never turned on and the coil was “dead headed”. This means that it
was never meant to be turned on, it was only there to pass code
because they don’t typically turn it on due to the fact that they
often fail to operate including leaking which can cause water
Lastly, I found it interesting that the HVAC unit originally installed
had a TINY drain pan that wasn’t even hooked up to the drain. The
evaporator coil was very dirty and full of bacteria. He installed a
full drain pan under my unit so that if there is a leak, even
substantial, it should help prevent water damage!
Since building units were installed about 15 years ago, If you are
considering replacing your unit, I would highly recommend using Ed as
I am a very satisfied customer.


Lisa R.
Chicago, IL

Ed at “Around the town heating and ac” was quick to accept my job. Originally, quoting me an end of the day time, and when he had a job end early, asked if he could come early, sensing my urgency on the phone when we spoke. He came a few hours before he originally scheduled, was able to diagnose and fix my problem within minutes while also helping to educate me on how to keep my unit running properly. At the end of the day it was a great success, and he gave me a great deal as a first time customer. I will definitely be using them again! Thanks Ed!

Jamie K.
Chicago, IL

I’ve been working with Ed for years, on multiple properties with no problems at all. Ed is on time, knowledgable, reasonably priced and most of all very trustworthy. I won’t use anyone else for my HVAC needs!

5.0 star rating 6/24/2015
Jack S.
Chicago, IL

My wife and I have been using Around The Town for years now. Ed has always been fair honest and extremely prompt when we have needed his service. It’s hard to trust people these days but Ed has always come through and has earned our utmost respect and trust. Fair pricing and professional service. Thanks Ed. You once again saved us from a cold night!

Brian M.
Chicago, IL

Great Service and Fantastic Price . I had a new furnace and central air unit installed by Ed and his crew this past spring. Everything went smooth, worked great, and was a great deal. After shopping around I got a much better system for less money from Ed than any other contractors in the area. Would definitely recommend Around The Town Heating and Cooling. Honest, Professional, and great service.

Jim J.
Oak Forest, IL

Around the Town is phenomenal. They helped us out in a big way. When our water heater sprung a leak, we were terrified. Our water heater is in a small closet next to our furnace. It would be impossible to remove the old water heater without dismantling part of the furnace. As I frantically called HVAC and plumbing places in Chicago, it was nearly impossible to find someone who could manage dealing with both the water heater and the furnace. No one was willing to come out the same day. Everyone needed a few days or a few weeks. Meanwhile, we had no hot water. We called 4 Seasons and they wanted to charge us $85 just to send someone to look at the problem–no guarantee they’d be able to do the work or when it might get done.

Luckily, I called Around the Town. After a brief conversation with Ed, I sent him a few pics of our water heater. He said he’d be able to fix it the same day. I was so relieved. He said he’d be at our house in an hour–and then he showed up in 45 minutes. That’s exactly the kind of service you want when you’re in our situation. I cannot recommend Around the Town enough. They were professional, fast moving, and offer great prices.

Ben D.
Spokane, WA

Would recommend This company to anyone as the first time we dealt w Ed he saved us a Thousand dollars on a new furnace/duct work. Second time he went by our place got our heat going afternoon before Thanksgiving when it was 20 degrees out. Fair prices and great service.

5.0 star rating 12/10/2013
George M.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been extremely happy with Around the Town’s service. I called this past week for my furnace. They came out as soon as I was available (on a Saturday!) to take a look at it and determined that it would take some serious work. Ed knew how worried I was with the cold weather coming, and was able to get the parts and have the work completed on Monday.

I really can’t say enough good things – Ed is so caring and gave me excellent advice on maintenance for the furnace and air conditioning (In fact, when I had a problem two years ago – he left oil for me and gave me instructions on how to use it properly on the unit.)

Ed really goes above and beyond – including giving me names of craftsmen to help with other much-needed repairs.

You will be glad you called this service.

5.0 star rating 10/14/2013
Arlene F.
Chicago, IL

It was 10pm when I called Around The Town Heating & Cooling because my A/C had gone out, I spoke to Ed who said they were about done for the day, but said would look to see who would be willing to go out this late at night, but if no one was available he would come out himself. 10 Minutes later he called me back and said he was on his way out , 1/2 hr later he showed up, diagnosed my A/C system and fixed it all in less than 1hr, Ed is indeed VERY professional, explained to me what he was doing every step of the way.

Ed did NOT in any way, shape or form try to up-sell me anything, just came in, did his job and left, good overall experience! Would highly recommend!

NOTE: I had called Four Seasons before I called Ed and they told me they could not see me until the following day between 1PM-6PM, my house was at 81 degrees, no way was I going to bed or get any sleep for that matter in that type of heat.

***Tell Ed you saw this on Yelp!***
5.0 star rating 6/22/2013
Luis A.
Chicago, IL

Ed is the best there is when it comes to HVAC. Not only are his prices the best, but his knowledge and expertise will blow you away. Best of all , you get personal service that is based upon your needs and the situation you are in. Emergency service? You can rely on these guys to care and do there best to work around the clock to get your heat or a/c working as fast as possible. No big company with many service trucks can match the quality and personal service Around the Town can give you and once you become a customer like me, you will never need another HVAC service company rest assured. I’ve been a happy customer since 2009.

Doug D.
Chicago, IL
5.0 star rating 2/27/2013

Ed and his team have helped me with both heating and air. They installed a new AC unit last year and have made service call for my furnace recently. They are always prompt and professional. Ed answers the phone directly and they are always quick to get to my place when I call. He always explains what needs to be done and solves the problem quickly and efficiently. I have all the trust in the world in them and would refer them to anyone that has a heating or cooling need.

5.0 star rating 1/4/2013
Kory L.
Chicago, IL

I woke up early saturday to a cold apartment, so like a rational adult, I went back to bed. Woke up again 3 hours later and still no heat – with friends coming for football the next day – and no idea why the heater sounds like it’s working but i’m clearly shivering. Called and got ahold of Ed, who said he would be there in a half hour – on a saturday morning. Imposible I thought. LESS than 30 minutes later he was there with equipment and his assistant in tow. They were on time, courteous, and diagnosed the problem quickly as well as had very helpful suggestions for maintaining my heating unit in the best possible shape. Best part was when he asked me about the mailing list he totally didn’t give it the hard sell and i gladly signed up. He was even kind enough to knock off a few bucks since he was already on his way back to the city from another job. I will definitely be using them again come springtime to check out my AC unit. Could not have been happier with the service, and after they left you couldn’t even tell someone was there. absolutely top notch.

John W.
Chicago, IL

AROUND THE TOWN HEATING & COOLING- Chicago- West Loop- Little Italy
The most amazing thing about Around the Town Heating and Cooling is that they are open 24 hours and ALWAYS answer their phone. One over the top freezing night in Chicago, one of our heaters stopped working. It happened to be on the floor where our bedrooms are…Our small children were sleeping and Ed from AROUND THE TOWN HEATING & COOLING walked me through what I needed to do to get the heat back on and I am not technical by any means. A year later, our tenant’s furnace needed help. Ed is so skilled with furnaces that he can tell you what the unit looks like and what the problem is over the phone. We even e-mailed him photos of the area that he inquired about. I am a female that has been in commercial real estate for the last 20 years and I haven’t met an HVAC company as good, as competent, as honest and as fast as Around The Town. Plus their prices are awesome. The most respectful and professional Heating and Air-Conditioning Company in the City of Chicago- HANDS DOWN. aroundthetownhvac.com

Patty H.
Chicago, IL

Ed came out in an emergency and saved the day!! I had another company out earlier that said I needed my furnace replaced for $2000.00. AROUND THE TOWN and Ed came and fixed it for $500.00.
YEA!!!!! I was so grateful and thankful. I definitely will spread the word..
Around the Town and (ED) was a blessing.

kim n.
Orland Park, IL

We have used Around the Town a couple of times at different homes we’ve owned. They are very responsive, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. They’ve always given us honest advice–Ed’s a really cool guy. Friendly people–I’ve enjoyed working with them.

5.0 star rating 8/23/2011
Sarah F.
Oak Park, IL

Ed is absolutely amazing. He was able to come out the next day to repair my air conditioner. Ed and his team are extremely hard working, affordable and very polite. They diagnosed the problem, discussed it with me, fixed it and had it back up and running in no time. THANK YOU!!!!


5.0 star rating 7/22/2011
Mary M.
Midlothian, IL

One word AMAZING. Ed is the best. If you ever looking for someone to be honest and fair Ed is your man. I had problems withmy air conditioner and furnaceat the same time and Ed and his staff came right away both times. At the time it broke I was in dire need in the heat wave. He was nuthing but a blessing.You cant ask for much more.
5.0 star rating 6/19/2011
Kelly B.
Chicago, IL

I’ve had quick and capable service since switching to Ed. He’s done work at my 6-flats and my personal residence. With so many repair people adding “We do HVAC also!”, it is nice to have someone who can repair for less cost than buying a new unit. Ed has saved me a lot of money.
Ed P.

Bill W.
Midlothian, IL
5.0 star rating 6/8/2011

I called this place after Four Seasons refused to come to my apartment without landlord approval fist (I couldn’t get a hold of him, and wasn’t about to wait around all night long without heat). The man I spoke with on the phone was one of the managers, and before making an appointment he tried to walk me through what might be wrong so that I wouldn’t have to pay the diagnostic fee if it wasn’t serious. After being on the phone with him for about 10 minutes, my landlord finally called back and this man actually WAITED on the phone for ME for a few minutes while I took the call. Turns out my landlord called the other company so they could finally come, but if he hadn’t, I would have had Around the Town coming in a heartbeat. Amazing service, and I didn’t even pay a dime. He even told me to boil a few pots of water while I wait for the other guys to come. (who still aren’t here, btw….)
Heidi G.
Chicago, IL
5.0 star rating 1/6/2011

Around the Town and Ed are THE BEST in the Chicagoland HVAC business. I have been a customer for a few years and continue to be impressed with Ed’s service, professionalism, honesty, integrity, and very reasonable prices. I will continue to be a loyal customer to Ed and highly recommend Around the Town to family, friends, and fellow Yelpster’s for their HVAC needs. Ed always goes out of his way to meet his customer’s needs as promptly and professionally as possible. Once you’ve had the pleasure of Around the Town’s service you won’t be patronizing another HVAC company.
Glenn F.
Willowbrook, IL

I would like to thank Around the Town Heating and Cooling for their great service! My boiler went out the Sunday after Thanksgiving, while family was visiting. I described the issue over the phone and Ed was able to diagnose the problem and give me a ballpark price and time they could come by that day (Sunday) with no extra weekend rate applied.

Once they arrived, they quickly got to work and had my boiler cleaned and working great within no time. I have dealt with many home repair companies over the years. One thing I loved with Around the Town, was they not only fixed the problem, but took time to explain my boiler system and easy maintenance steps to keep it running for many years.

I would recommend giving them a call for any heating and cooling needs.
Eric C.
Chicago, IL
5.0 star rating 11/29/2010


My HVAC needed general cleaning. Around the Town Heating & Cooling came right out, on Sunday. While Ed was there, he noticed that my ignitor was starting to signs of wear and tear, would need to be replaced this fall. Ed answered all my questions and price was right. Ed even sent me a hand written thank you note for choosing them. I would definitely recommend Ed and use his services again.
Julia M.
Chicago, IL

My hot water tank had gone out on me on a Sunday. I called Around the Town Heating and Ed offered to come right out. I did say that it was Sunday and asked if he could come on Monday. Ed was at my home at 8:30 Monday morning which was the time we set. Ed explained why my hot water tank had gone out and installed a new one at a very reasonable price. I will recommend Ed to anyone I know and will definitely use him again
Michelle A.
Midlothian, IL

On time and Excellent professional furnace repair and boiler checkup!
My heating was fixed in a few hours.
Highly Recommended

5.0 star rating 1/27/2009

To The management of Around The Town: I would like to thank Ed from Around The Town Heating for installing a new high energy efficient furnace in my home. Ed’s work was very professional and done in a timely manner. While he was giving the estimate for the new furnace, he discovered the electricity in the house was unsafe and would not service the new furnace. So, he rewired a major portion of the residence. Ed is someone who I completely trust to come into my home and fix any problem I may have with my house. He also repaired a major crack in the house foundation. (Something a well known leakage company was unable to do). Ed also made some wonderful suggestions concerning landscaping for the front of our house. One of the best decisions I ever made calling Around The Town to install my furnace. Thank you.

John S.
Chicago, IL

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