New Codes For 2013 Furnaces

2013 Furnaces and the new codes, May 1st 2013 no 80% efficient furnaces will not be allowed to be sold or installed after that date in the northern region of the United States.

2013 furnaces and what this means is that when you need to replace your old inefficient furnace, you will need to replace it with a minimum efficient furnace of 92%. The difference is that the old furnace vented through a steel vented pipe into a chimney on the outside wall of your home or business. Also you may have a steel b-vent or double wall vent through a steel chimney through a chase way in the middle of your home from the basement to the roof.


Homeowner and contractors alike are gearing up for the upcoming 2013 furnaces law change.


The new minimum 90% efficient furnace vents with PVC piping. You may wonder what this is all about. Its quite simple really the DOE decided that we need to lower the amount of fossils fuels consumed, and I agree.  Besides 2013 furnaces will be kick ass. If we keep filling the ozone with spent fossils fuels the skies will turn so smoggy, for example; California skies.

2013 furnace codes makes sense.

If every household in the northern region of the United States decreases their natural gas or propane consumption, imagine the energy saving you will be putting in your pocket as cash. Also the natural gas cost will stabilize due to lower production of the natural gases. use this calculator to see the emissions you are venting.

This is a good step in the fight to slow down global warming. Some people do not believe in global warming, they believe this is a normal cycle of evolution. I on the other hand think that something is going on and slowing down pollution whether its fossil fuels or contamination of the earth’s soils is a good thing. 2013 furnaces will save you much money plus give you better warranties, don”t miss out!

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